MacMav Choice Cuts
Welcome to the MacMav Project: Choice Cuts This is an intuitive collaboration from 2 artist who represents the Washington DC area and the education of music and culture. We hope to bring the excitement and the joy of listening and loving HipHop Music as much as we have in creating this Testament of Art. Built on the respect of each other’s talents and a friendship was born from the respect. The MacMav Project is the result of dope Rhymes, Ideas, and Chops in place. Topics range from the Introvert, to Fun, to scientific, to meta-physical, to the just plain dope music!!!! BlacMav a musical veteran who has a wide range of sounds and ideas with the chops, drum swings, and bass lines and unique musical expressions that makes Mav unique. Please Enjoi!!!!!! Please take the time to Enjoi the single BE YOU / JUST A THOUGHT!!! On 7 inch
Track 1 - KEEP YOUR THING Track 2 - JUST A THOUGHT Track 3 - BE YOU Track 4 - MOONBEAM DREAMS ( ODE to Hip Hop) Track - 5 ENTER THE LUDE Track 6 - BELIEVE feat Big Boy Caprice ( DEDICATION TO WPFW 89.3fm ) Track 7 - INFRANTLE SMILE ( feat. The fear itself crew ) Mr.Cliff/ NE Beast Track 8 - Snap on fools ( feat . NE Beast ) Track 9 -FOOLISH ONES ( feat Prowess tha Testament ) Track - 10 SKY WATCHING TRACK - 11 DAZED ( feat. ARDAMUS )